Thursday, March 4, 2010

What an amazing day... and not for any particular reason either, just amazing. I didn't even do much for the most part. Went out to lunch with the parental unit, dyed my hair (beautiful apricot orange!), then spent the evening having a little birthday dinner for my baby sister.

Yep, my baby sister turned 18 yesterday. I can't believe it- when did she grow up? I feel like just yesterday she was this tiny little kid climbing on chairs and causing trouble in the kitchen. Now she's grown up causing trouble in the kitchen. I feel old...

Opening presents provided a good opportunity to get some use out of my camera. And as I had hoped, I learned a couple things tonight. First, always make sure you re-insert the SD card, or you will not be able to take pictures, thus losing a great shot of your sister opening her own camera. Second, do remember to keep your finger away from the flash. Not doing so will create very confusing shadows that you cannot explain. Honestly, sometimes I wonder about myself.

Isn't she cute? The heart she's holding is a monogram I learned to make in Style School for her car. A red heart to match her red Saturn. I'm really big on handmade gifts; I think they're simply the best! What is your favorite gift to give?

xoxo, jenn

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