Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I got what I wanted.

For Christmas that is... This past year I told all my family that all I wanted for Christmas and my birthday (Jan 17th) was cash for a new camera. I wanted something pretty high end so I could take professional looking photo's of my jewelry when I open up shop. Well I got more than I asked for- I got an actual camera. I nice one too. Imagine my surprise when I opened a box containing a blanket I already knew I was getting, was actually wrapped around a Nikon D5000. I cried. Cried! I was so happy and surprised, and really I just couldn't believe it.

And you know what I did with it? Nothing. I kept it in it's box, a little frightened of it. The manual is enormous, and I can barely remember a thing from all my photography classes. And now it's been over two months since Christmas, and I've recently been informed (politely asked) that I will be playing photographer for my sister's wedding in 5 months. Eeeeek!

Enter motivation- I want to know this camera like the back of my hand so I can take the best pictures at this wedding, and go down in history as the worlds *coolest* sister. So I have decided to give myself a challenge: use my fancy new camera every day, learn all the mechanisms/manual, and take lots of photo's. I will then post my favorite picture of the day to my flickr account for all to see.

I've started this challenge today. Unfortunately I didn't take many photo's, as I have to dash off to work soon. And my backyard is not quite as pretty as I remembered it to be thanks to the winter cold. So Heidi was nice enough to model for me:

Wouldn't be wonderful to feel that carefree all the time?

loves, jenn

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