Saturday, March 27, 2010

Crafty... like a fox!

Head over to PolkaDotRobot and take part in her fun "I am..." project! Choose a word that describes you and make a sign of it. Here's mine!!

Happy Saturday! jenn

Friday, March 26, 2010

My new favorite something.

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that during a shopping excursion I picked up a few pretty little things. One of them, a cherry covered cardigan, has become my new go-to item. I just *adore* it!! I want to wear it with everything.
So far this week I have completed most of the items on my to-do list. I managed to clean my room (and keep it relatively clean and craft-mess free), not only buy my plane ticket home but also map out [almost] my entire summer (it's going to be a fun one!), spend some much needed face-time with a few of my favorite people over a night of bowling, and sorta contacted the nice man about a part-time job... I was finally able to meet him, and although we didn't get into the specifics of the job, I was able to give him my number so that he could contact me with more info. Bad news though- he's dreadfully cute. And I'm a sucker for cute guys.

In other news, I've been a bad blogger. Again. And although I know my blog is less than 2 months old, I'm having a hard time finding a good blogging rhythm. Eventually I would like to have daily posts... like a schedule, with themed posts per day. However, I have a feeling it will still take a while for me to get to that level of blogging commitment. I will say though, that I am very glad for the followers I am already lucky enough to have (8 followers, yippee!), and I hope you stick with me while I figure out this new cyber side of my life. :D

It's raining in Germany today. And the occassional bursts of wind are banging against the windows and rattling the house, causing poor Heidi the Dog to hide under my legs in fear. She really is the sweetest dog, just not the bravest.

loves, jenn

Sunday, March 21, 2010


So, I have to admit that I've been a bum these past few days. Although I did work on Indie Business homework, and have a wonderful final chat with my Quite Nights classmates, and work... I didn't do much I'm sad to say. After work today, I had plans to clean, then craft, then clean my craft mess- but instead I've spent the evening catching up with friends while competing in trivia quizzes. And now I'm rocking out to The Strokes while wearing my new sunglasses. In my room. Yep- that's what I do.

I have big plans for next week. Goals I have set for myself that I would like to have completed by Sunday:

1) Go bowling with my friends. Friends make me happy.
2) Make at least 10 new necklaces and photograph.
3) Contact nice man about a new part-time job.
5) Do my taxes.
6) Buy a plane ticket home.

It should be a very productive week. I might even exercise! xo, jenn

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Super green?!

It's St. Patty's day! I will be working this evening, and although I don't have any real desire to go out and get completely intoxicated afterwards, I do have a desire to wear today's traditional color. In more ways than one! Green chucks, green tee, and green nails! Ohh, and just a touch of green eyeliner to bring out my green eyes! Am I over-greening it? I do so love the color green...
Today while I was flossing, I noticed that my floss was made in Ireland... is it weird that this makes me happy? Ever since I went to Ireland, I am completely in love, and a tad bit obsessed, with the utterly breathtaking country. And sheep. I love sheep! They're everywhere there! Just big balls of woolly fur grazing the green green hills. Hehe! Happy Patty's Day! xo, jenn

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Trend I love!

Anyone who has perused my closet knows that I'm a hat person. I love wearing hats! They're great to add some personality to an outfit, or cover the greasy hair you haven't washed in days. However, most of my hats sit on the Newsie side of the spectrum.
Yesterday I was a very bad girl, and decided to spend most of my afteroon shopping. I bought some very cute items that I cannot wait to wear (hello heather grey!), and saw even more cute items that I simply put on my wish list. One of these wish list items, is a new hat. But not just any hat, not another hat that resembles the same style I already love. No, this was a big round carry-me-off-to-the-ocean-and-let-me-sail-away type hats. Imagine Samantha in Sex and the City (the movie) when she first eyes her lucious next door neighbor- but with less flair.

Maybe it's because in a months time I will be going on my very first cruise. And not just any cruise, but my dream cruise. A cruise of Egypt. And am I excited!! So I feel like I should celebrate this amazing adventure by making a bold and stylish fashion statement. And I imagine myself making this statement with a light and summery dress, big round sunglasses, and a glorious new straw hat!
[all images found via weheartit]

xo, jenn

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Night with Imogen.

I will not share with you how sad I was that I didn't grab a bottle of water before I started my 2 hour journey to Luxembourg.

Or how badly I miscalculated my day, thus spending hours in the car before walking to the venue.

Or how ridiculous I felt when I realized I had a huge hole in my shoe.

Or how many toes I nearly lost to frost bite.

No, I won't share all that. Because it was all worth it. Every minute of discomfort I put myself through was all worth it to see (and meet! Eek!) miss Imogen Heap. And let me tell you- she is MAGICAL. I was very fortunate to have a wonderful spot directly in front of the stage with an amazing view of Imogen playing both her "piano" AND her ax-synth.
When Imogen gracefully appeared onstage, I felt like a giddy girl in grade school- giggling over meeting someone I greatly respect. As she started her first song, "First Train Home," I couldn't help but beam with delight. I so dearly wanted to sing along; however, between the speakers blasting, the earplugs I was wearing, and the others that were singing- I was afraid I would be off key. So I just smiled, and bobbed along with the song.
Between songs, Imogen talked to us like we were all old friends. She gave us a nice little tour of her stage and props, shared stories about the songs she had written, engaged in conversation with her band mates, and asked us on multiple occassions if we were having a great time. And of course we were!
The highlight of the evening was when she informed us that WE, her audience, would be helping her sing "Just For Now." She explained that this participation began one performance when her looper failed to work properly. Feeling quite embarrassed about the hiccup, an audience member yelled "We'll be your looper!" And thus, a tradition was born. She broke us up in three groups, taught us our parts, and together we all sang "Just For Now." I was in *heaven*. I couldn't believe how utterly amazing this woman was... not only did she play multiple instruments, have a lovely voice, a great sense of humor- but she also encouraged her audience to become a real part of the show. Win.In addition to being a great artist, the woman also has great style. I simply loved her outfit- feathers in her hair, a gauzy military-esque vest over a sparkly black blouse, flowy skirt, black sequined leggings, and clear jeweled jellies. She wore jeweled jellies! I caught myself frequently judging the size of her feet, wondering if we were the same size. I caught myself entertaining thoughts of simply "borrowing" her super cool flats. I swear I would return them! (Don't judge me)
Before seeing Imogen live, I loved her music. All of it. In fact I have a hard time picking out a favorite album, as there are songs from all of them that I listen to repeatedly. After seeing Imogen live- watching her perform with such passion, and getting a peak into her cute personality- I love not only her music, but I adore her as well. I enjoy her music on a much higher level now, and as I listen, I pretend that she is performing a private little show in my home. After the show, we gab about handsome men and exchange style tips. Yes, I believe we've become very best friends now.

LOVE, jenn

(PS- I will not admit how long I waited afterwards or how cold I became before I met the magical Imogen. I also will not admit how super UNcool I was when I introduced myself, or that I may have possibly lost all poise while I tried to talk to her. Nope. Will not admit to any of that.)

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I think I got my groove back! And although it did not involve the delicious likes of Taye Diggs (mmm, yummy), it did involve me getting off my butt and completing a project that's been on the bench for quite some time.

Several months past I bought this adorable little owl pendent at a bazaar. It was just sooo cute, and I fell in love with it immeadiatly. I also had tons of ideas start flowing through my head about how I would incorporate it into a necklace. My first attempt involved making a chain necklace with silver leaves and a variety of orange and green crystals. Well, I got as far as putting the leaves on, then starting wearing it unfinshed just so I could have something new to wear (story of my life). I decided that I liked the leafy necklace as is (I even made matching earrings), and started brainstorming new ideas for the owl... and then let it sit in my bead tray collecting dust.

Today I decided it was time to finally do something with it. I wasn't sure any longer about what I would make, so I just scattered all my supplies together and started stringing different bead combinations until I found something I liked. And you know what? I *love* the end result. It's cute, simple, and a bit earthy.

This is the first piece of jewelry that I've made in months! And although I'm super short on supplies, I'm taking this as a sign that I've come out of my rut. :D jenn

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I lasted two days...

For my personal camera challange. Then I got sick, and have been bed ridden the past few days.

Not that I've been a total sickie... While laying in bed recouperating, I've been journaling for my Quiet Nights art journal class. I'm really happy with the way my pages are turning out... especially since I'm using mediums that I'm not used to incorporating in my art. Like embroidery thread. Who knew?

I felt like sharing a few of my pages with you... some of them are a little dark and twisty, but that's me. Besides, it's so much easier to journal when I'm sad or unhappy than it is when I am happy. I feel like the words just flow easier.

So, beginning with "Sometimes I feel," "Wishes," "Be still," and "Escape."

lovelove, jenn

Friday, March 5, 2010

Epic fail.

Originally this post was to serve as my excitement over getting to see Imogen Heap this evening. An amazing talented artist with a lovely voice who produces wonderful music. But hahaha, the joke's on me!

The concert is NEXT Friday. I'm just really glad I realized my mistake before I began the 2 hour journey to Luxembourg. Because otherwise that would have made me a very sad panda... And I'm not gonna lie, I'd probably be a little pissed off at myself for being so ridiculous. Definitely grounds for pouting- which I'm currently doing anyways, in between bouts of laughter and head shaking.

Isn't she just lovely though?

[all images found via google]
Guess I'll have something to look forward to next week, huh? ♥, jenn

Thursday, March 4, 2010

What an amazing day... and not for any particular reason either, just amazing. I didn't even do much for the most part. Went out to lunch with the parental unit, dyed my hair (beautiful apricot orange!), then spent the evening having a little birthday dinner for my baby sister.

Yep, my baby sister turned 18 yesterday. I can't believe it- when did she grow up? I feel like just yesterday she was this tiny little kid climbing on chairs and causing trouble in the kitchen. Now she's grown up causing trouble in the kitchen. I feel old...

Opening presents provided a good opportunity to get some use out of my camera. And as I had hoped, I learned a couple things tonight. First, always make sure you re-insert the SD card, or you will not be able to take pictures, thus losing a great shot of your sister opening her own camera. Second, do remember to keep your finger away from the flash. Not doing so will create very confusing shadows that you cannot explain. Honestly, sometimes I wonder about myself.

Isn't she cute? The heart she's holding is a monogram I learned to make in Style School for her car. A red heart to match her red Saturn. I'm really big on handmade gifts; I think they're simply the best! What is your favorite gift to give?

xoxo, jenn

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I got what I wanted.

For Christmas that is... This past year I told all my family that all I wanted for Christmas and my birthday (Jan 17th) was cash for a new camera. I wanted something pretty high end so I could take professional looking photo's of my jewelry when I open up shop. Well I got more than I asked for- I got an actual camera. I nice one too. Imagine my surprise when I opened a box containing a blanket I already knew I was getting, was actually wrapped around a Nikon D5000. I cried. Cried! I was so happy and surprised, and really I just couldn't believe it.

And you know what I did with it? Nothing. I kept it in it's box, a little frightened of it. The manual is enormous, and I can barely remember a thing from all my photography classes. And now it's been over two months since Christmas, and I've recently been informed (politely asked) that I will be playing photographer for my sister's wedding in 5 months. Eeeeek!

Enter motivation- I want to know this camera like the back of my hand so I can take the best pictures at this wedding, and go down in history as the worlds *coolest* sister. So I have decided to give myself a challenge: use my fancy new camera every day, learn all the mechanisms/manual, and take lots of photo's. I will then post my favorite picture of the day to my flickr account for all to see.

I've started this challenge today. Unfortunately I didn't take many photo's, as I have to dash off to work soon. And my backyard is not quite as pretty as I remembered it to be thanks to the winter cold. So Heidi was nice enough to model for me:

Wouldn't be wonderful to feel that carefree all the time?

loves, jenn

Monday, March 1, 2010

Things I learned from a pin cushion...

So I thought making a pin cushion would be super easy. A breeze.... Yeah, I was wrong. NOT so easy. Ok, it was a little easy, but it was also very frustrating! Here are a few things I learned:

1) Blind cutting a straight line is harder than it looks.
2) Make sure that fabric is facing the correct way BEFORE sewing.
3) Learn how to thread a sewing machine, both upper and lower bobbins. Otherwise be prepared for tangles when "wingin it."
4) When faced with tangles, and unsure of how to fix the problem, call Mom for help.
5) Swearing loudly at the sewing machine doesn't solve the problem.
6) Breathe. Then try again.
7) Don't get cocky when finally getting the hang of it- a new problem is sure to follow.
8) Keep a pair of scissors by the sewing machine at all times.
9) Having a scrap piece of fabric nearby the machine is very handy... it's very useful to see if thread problems have been fixed rather than testing on pin cushion.
10) Flaws just add more character.
11) There is nothing wrong with showing off the finished pin cushion with glee and excitement.
12) All finished sewing projects should be rewarded with chocolate.

Frustration aside, I was so giddy about successfully sewing my first pin cushion that I had to make another one... Especially since I made the first one for my fellow pin cushion swapper. It came a little bit easier the second time around, but I still have a lot to learn. Which makes me want to add one more to the list:

13) Sewing takes practice AND patience.

♥ jenn