Friday, March 26, 2010

My new favorite something.

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that during a shopping excursion I picked up a few pretty little things. One of them, a cherry covered cardigan, has become my new go-to item. I just *adore* it!! I want to wear it with everything.
So far this week I have completed most of the items on my to-do list. I managed to clean my room (and keep it relatively clean and craft-mess free), not only buy my plane ticket home but also map out [almost] my entire summer (it's going to be a fun one!), spend some much needed face-time with a few of my favorite people over a night of bowling, and sorta contacted the nice man about a part-time job... I was finally able to meet him, and although we didn't get into the specifics of the job, I was able to give him my number so that he could contact me with more info. Bad news though- he's dreadfully cute. And I'm a sucker for cute guys.

In other news, I've been a bad blogger. Again. And although I know my blog is less than 2 months old, I'm having a hard time finding a good blogging rhythm. Eventually I would like to have daily posts... like a schedule, with themed posts per day. However, I have a feeling it will still take a while for me to get to that level of blogging commitment. I will say though, that I am very glad for the followers I am already lucky enough to have (8 followers, yippee!), and I hope you stick with me while I figure out this new cyber side of my life. :D

It's raining in Germany today. And the occassional bursts of wind are banging against the windows and rattling the house, causing poor Heidi the Dog to hide under my legs in fear. She really is the sweetest dog, just not the bravest.

loves, jenn

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