Thursday, March 11, 2010


I think I got my groove back! And although it did not involve the delicious likes of Taye Diggs (mmm, yummy), it did involve me getting off my butt and completing a project that's been on the bench for quite some time.

Several months past I bought this adorable little owl pendent at a bazaar. It was just sooo cute, and I fell in love with it immeadiatly. I also had tons of ideas start flowing through my head about how I would incorporate it into a necklace. My first attempt involved making a chain necklace with silver leaves and a variety of orange and green crystals. Well, I got as far as putting the leaves on, then starting wearing it unfinshed just so I could have something new to wear (story of my life). I decided that I liked the leafy necklace as is (I even made matching earrings), and started brainstorming new ideas for the owl... and then let it sit in my bead tray collecting dust.

Today I decided it was time to finally do something with it. I wasn't sure any longer about what I would make, so I just scattered all my supplies together and started stringing different bead combinations until I found something I liked. And you know what? I *love* the end result. It's cute, simple, and a bit earthy.

This is the first piece of jewelry that I've made in months! And although I'm super short on supplies, I'm taking this as a sign that I've come out of my rut. :D jenn

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aphrodita wibowo said...

love the owl....


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