Monday, March 15, 2010

A Night with Imogen.

I will not share with you how sad I was that I didn't grab a bottle of water before I started my 2 hour journey to Luxembourg.

Or how badly I miscalculated my day, thus spending hours in the car before walking to the venue.

Or how ridiculous I felt when I realized I had a huge hole in my shoe.

Or how many toes I nearly lost to frost bite.

No, I won't share all that. Because it was all worth it. Every minute of discomfort I put myself through was all worth it to see (and meet! Eek!) miss Imogen Heap. And let me tell you- she is MAGICAL. I was very fortunate to have a wonderful spot directly in front of the stage with an amazing view of Imogen playing both her "piano" AND her ax-synth.
When Imogen gracefully appeared onstage, I felt like a giddy girl in grade school- giggling over meeting someone I greatly respect. As she started her first song, "First Train Home," I couldn't help but beam with delight. I so dearly wanted to sing along; however, between the speakers blasting, the earplugs I was wearing, and the others that were singing- I was afraid I would be off key. So I just smiled, and bobbed along with the song.
Between songs, Imogen talked to us like we were all old friends. She gave us a nice little tour of her stage and props, shared stories about the songs she had written, engaged in conversation with her band mates, and asked us on multiple occassions if we were having a great time. And of course we were!
The highlight of the evening was when she informed us that WE, her audience, would be helping her sing "Just For Now." She explained that this participation began one performance when her looper failed to work properly. Feeling quite embarrassed about the hiccup, an audience member yelled "We'll be your looper!" And thus, a tradition was born. She broke us up in three groups, taught us our parts, and together we all sang "Just For Now." I was in *heaven*. I couldn't believe how utterly amazing this woman was... not only did she play multiple instruments, have a lovely voice, a great sense of humor- but she also encouraged her audience to become a real part of the show. Win.In addition to being a great artist, the woman also has great style. I simply loved her outfit- feathers in her hair, a gauzy military-esque vest over a sparkly black blouse, flowy skirt, black sequined leggings, and clear jeweled jellies. She wore jeweled jellies! I caught myself frequently judging the size of her feet, wondering if we were the same size. I caught myself entertaining thoughts of simply "borrowing" her super cool flats. I swear I would return them! (Don't judge me)
Before seeing Imogen live, I loved her music. All of it. In fact I have a hard time picking out a favorite album, as there are songs from all of them that I listen to repeatedly. After seeing Imogen live- watching her perform with such passion, and getting a peak into her cute personality- I love not only her music, but I adore her as well. I enjoy her music on a much higher level now, and as I listen, I pretend that she is performing a private little show in my home. After the show, we gab about handsome men and exchange style tips. Yes, I believe we've become very best friends now.

LOVE, jenn

(PS- I will not admit how long I waited afterwards or how cold I became before I met the magical Imogen. I also will not admit how super UNcool I was when I introduced myself, or that I may have possibly lost all poise while I tried to talk to her. Nope. Will not admit to any of that.)

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