Saturday, February 20, 2010


I was so busy yesterday that I forgot to share about the surprise project I was working on. Masks! One for me and each of my friends that went to Venice. Originally, I wanted to make something we could actually wear, but I couldn't find the right masks (these are childrens Zorro masks, hehe). In fact I couldn't find ANY masks untill a week before we left. These masks had a little Z embossed in the center, which provided a fun design challenge. I think they turned out adorable, even if they were too small to wear. Annnd, the girls loved them. In fact a couple of them even got a little misty eyed, which was much more than I was expecting. Now we all have a cute little momento to remember the best Venice trip ever.


And here's a little peek at some of the pretties I bought myself: 2 bottle stoppers made from Murano glass, a pretty glittery mask, a plain cat mask that I can design myself (I want to dress up as Puss in Boots this year for Halloween), a Murano glass calligraphy pen, aaaand a lime green pashima scarf.

xo, jenn

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