Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The snow made me smile

A little smile danced it's way across my lips this morning when I awoke to see that it was snowing yet again. And I realllly don't like snow. I think it's pretty for about the first ten minutes, then it gets plowed away into ugly dirty mountains of ice that line the streets.

And yet... I smiled. I layed in bed, entranced by the flakes making their way past my window. I got really happy when the flakes got super big and slowed down so I could see every one! This coming from a person who usually gets grumpy and mopey to see snow falling. Same thing happened yesterday as I made my way to the post office. As soon as I stepped outside and started walking, the snow started falling. Rather than pouting, I smiled and thought "Ooo, snow!" So I'm walking down the street with this big grin on my face, and I feel ridiculous. Which only made me grin more! In fact I had to hold back a few outbursts of giggles for fear that people would start looking at me strangely.

I think I'm converting into someone who actually likes snow. Uh-oh.

Pretty snow covered trees outside Garmisch, Germany.

xo, jenn

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Didi said...

You GOTTA love snow!!!! I am like a kid when it it love it!!!!!