Monday, February 8, 2010

Itching to keep busy

One of the best signs that a wound is healing is the ever present itching sensation. And let me tell you- my wrist is itching like crazy! It's almost worse than the burn itself. It's painful, to want to scratch away with fury for just a moments peace, when you know that it'll just do more harm than good. It makes me a sad panda...

My cure?

Keeping busy. Wonderful distractions. Today that has included running around Heidelberg to pick up a few last goodies for my swap partners. And I'm so excited about this little swap of ours. It started out as a suggestion during a video tutorial for mini-books (we were discussing the lack of supplies in our surrounding areas), and after a few emails and answering a few questions, 4 strangers decided to mail out our first swap for today. It was thrilling shopping for people I didn't know- will they like what I bought? Will I like what they send me? I say yes!

Various crafting to occupy the evening.
♥, jenn

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