Friday, February 5, 2010

"...and, we're live!"

Wow. I'm a blogger now. This is so exciting, I don't know where to begin!

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Jenn. And I am Miss Pouty Pants. That's right... I'm a pouter. If it's cold and miserable outside, I pout. If I have to get up early and leave my *amazing* bed, I pout. In fact I'm even pouting now as I have difficulty creating my first blog post! But I'm not ashamed- I've been pouting forever.

A little about me... I enjoy making jewelry, and I hope to one day turn this hobby into a full functioning business. I also enjoy photography, but as of late, I haven't been taking photos as often as I would like. And I live in Germany! There's so much to capture! I also like to spend hours doing various other crafts that make me smile- scrapbooking, drawing (or more like doodling), and knitting- my newest endevour. I love spring time, beautiful beaches, and the smell that fills the air after a light rainfall. I adore faeries and owls. When I am bored and alone, you can find me dancing in my room like a crazy woman, and having the time of my life!

With this blog, I hope to bring you inspiration. I hope you laugh. Maybe even cry- but in the best possible way. I also hope you will forgive me for my blog looking so boring right now! I'm new to blogging. And coding when needed. But I promise it will get better. It will be pretty. It has to be. I like pretty things.

Here's a peek at some of my loves...

[all images found via weheartit]

So that's it folks. Hopefully I have peaked your interest, for you will have to come back to learn more. I hope you do.

xo, Jenn

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