Saturday, February 6, 2010


So, the trip to Urgent Care this morning took much longer than I would have liked, and as expected- I hated it. BUT- I did manage to make the trip up to Weisbaden and spend a good hour exploring this new craft store. It was sooo big! At least, in comparison to the few tiny ones I've managed to find in Germany. However, as soon as I got there I *completely* forgot what I was shopping for. I think I was intimidated by the awesomeness. While searching every nook and crany, I managed to find the last 3 transparency sheets they had in stock. Just what I needed for one of my style school projects. Yay!

Here is all the loot I brought home with me. Starting from the left, 18 fabulous pieces of scrapbooking paper (mini-albums, here I come); 8 bunches of embroidery thread in pretty colors I adore; and 2 bunches of fluffy yarn. The yarn by the way is amazingly soft. I wish I knew the perfect way to describe it.

Here is a little close up of the different colors I got. They're so preeeety! Also, my amazing mother- who is TDY back in the states right now- braved the horrendous blizzards terrorizing the Northeast to find a Michaels and purchase even more supplies I desperately need. Aren't mothers cool? I definitely like mine.

loves, jenn


Joanna said...

Daughters are even more awesome. I'm so lucky to have three of them!

Didi said...

I have GOT to find that store you went too!!!!!