Wednesday, April 14, 2010

200 Camels

Today I found out that I am worth more than 200 camels in exchange for my hand in marriage. To that my mom replied that after two weeks with me, my suitor would likely come back and tell her to keep her camels AND her daughter. To which everyone had a good laugh... It's true. I can be a handful- but in the best sort of way I think!

So far Egypt has been a dream come true, and I am loving every minute of it!! I have seen old temples in amazing condition, botanical gardens, enjoyed a felluca ride, visited a Nubian village, held a crocodile, and received a henna tattoo (it's so pretty)! And there is still so much to do on our Nile river tour, followed by a week on the red sea... Thus far I have taken approximately six to seven hundred pictures between my iPhone (the hipstomatic app is AMAZING fun!) and my little digital. Eek! I promise to post my favorite ones upon my return.

My time is quickly running out at Volcano Net internet cafe, so once more I shall bid you good tidings and farewell! Be back sooooooon!!

xoxo, jenn

Friday, April 9, 2010

Safari Chic and Farewell!

I'm very happy Safari Chic is in style right now... it made shopping for new Egypt appropriate clothing much easier than anticipated. I'm leaving for the airport in less than thrity minutes, and flying out in less then four hours. I feel so frazzled- I'm one of those last minute packers when it comes to vacations. I get so excited about going that all of sudden the time to leave has arrived! And I'm never ready! Hahaha, one day I shall learn I suppose.
Farewell dear readers! I shall return in two weeks sunburnt and full of Egyptian tales!!

xoxoxo, jenn

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday

Here's a pretty list of things I want RIGHT NOW!

This pretty dress from H&M.

These pens are amazing. I currently have the small set, but this large set would make me soooo happy!

Succubus Shadows by Richelle Mead. The fifth in the series.

Pretty tape!

This pretty Snail Meeting print by Paper Sparrow.

Adorable coffee mug set from Trixie Delicious

And this awesome belt bag from bonspiel creations

Unfortunately the last 2 items are already sold... But I have my fingers crossed that there will be more like them!

Also, I'm sure you have probably noticed that I've been tweeking my blog a bit. More tweeks to come... it's slowly but surely coming together!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Artist Spotlight

Soooooo, I love music. LOVE it. NEED it. To work, to get ready, to drive around in the car, to dance obnoxiously in my room... but most definitely to work. It fills that void of silence, and unless I actually want to get something accomplished, movies and tv just aren't the same. In fact, I'm one of those easily distracted people who gets sucked into whatever is on the TV (be it a movie or cartoons directed to 3 year olds). So I choose music. And I enjoy a large spectrum of artists and styles. And since music is such a big part of my creative process, I've decided to share some of my favorite artists (or new artists that have recently caught my attention) here every Monday. Hopefully you might be able to discover a new artist that appeals to you, or even suggest some of your favorites to me. Either way, I think it will be fun!
This week I'd like to introduce INNERPARTYSYSTEM. I discovered this band last year after a friend played their album for me, and they quickly became one of my most played artists. They originated in Reading, Pennsylvania in 2002 and are classified as Electronic. They have a moody/brooding feel to them, so I generally play them when I'm feeling dark and twisty, or really deep in thought. My favorte songs include "New Poetry", "What We Will Never Know", "Way We Move", and "Heart of Fire".

Happy listening! jenn

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Technologic Curiosities

A while back, I saw a video advertising the new Microsoft Courier. A combination of tablet and netbook, the little gadget looked amazing! "I want one of those!!" I remember saying out loud, then proceeded to watch the video another three times. Then I saw an ad for the new iPad Touch... well that looks pretty cool too! It would definitely come in handy for traveling, especially with all the crazy weight restrictions airlines have stated enforcing. So the big question is- which one do I get? (Haha, assuming I could actually afford either one of them!)
I really like the IDEA of the courier. I like the functionality, of being able to use it like a tablet- draw, make notes, create, etc. And I like that it serves as a planner as well. My hesitation is of course would I actually use it? I can't count how many times I've said "Alright. This month I'm going to start using my planner, and stick with it!" Armed with renewed motivation, I keep it up for about a month- before becoming distracted with another self-improving project. However, since I have decided to turn my hobby into a business- the gadget could prove to be very useful. Maybe not so much now, but in the future, when my business is THRIVING!
Then there's the iPad Touch. I like this because I can pretend it's the apple mactop that I dream of owning but cannot afford. Also, because of it's slim design and light weight, it's very portable friendly. It's also compatable with the apps I already own for my iPhone, and I can easily watch videos on it while I'm traveling. Or stay up to date on my favorite blogs. Or read books! The possibilies are quite endless.

It's a very tricky decision. Either way- my biggest worry is how long it would take me to break it. Or rather, how quickly. Anyone who's met me knows I have a reputation for repelling technology. Seriously. My laptops for example- if I don't spill something on it first, then the laptop will leap from hands just to get away from me. Like committing technological suicide. It makes me sad a little.

So what one would you choose? ♥, jenn

Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's April!

This month is going to be so exciting! I'm so happy April has finally arrived. Allow me to break it down for you:
Today, April 1st, I registered for Elsie and Rachel's art journal class "Tell Your Story." It's a 6 week art journaling class, with prompts everyday, with a total of 42 prompts!! Yes, I am a geek and have done my math to figure out this number. Don't judge me.
Then, in 9 short days, I get to go to Egypt!! Yessssss! Not only am I going to Egypt, a dream come true in itself, but I'm going on a cruise as well. My very first cruise! I cannot even express how excited I am... before you ask, let me just say that I will not be seeing the pyramids. I know, I know- but the pyramids have been there for QUITE some time... I'm sure they'll still be standing if I go to Egypt a second time. And besides, there so many other cool things to see too!! There's so much history, and I feel so privileged that I get to witness it. Together with my mom and baby sister, we will fly to Luxor and set sail down the nile for a 7 day cruise. Following the cruise, we will then spend one week at the beach. Doesn't that sound amazing? Ooooooo, I can't wait!

As if that isn't enough excitment, 4 days after I return from Egypt, I will be getting my 3rd tattoo!! I'm a little bit more weary about this event, as it will not be sandy beaches, but painful needles. However, my dear friend says that I like pain- that's why I always hurt myself. So although I'll be sweating bullets, it's still going to be exciting. This also happens to be the same day that the art journal class starts. Busy, busy day!

I hope your April is just as amazing! How does the month look for you?

loves, jenn
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