Friday, April 9, 2010

Safari Chic and Farewell!

I'm very happy Safari Chic is in style right now... it made shopping for new Egypt appropriate clothing much easier than anticipated. I'm leaving for the airport in less than thrity minutes, and flying out in less then four hours. I feel so frazzled- I'm one of those last minute packers when it comes to vacations. I get so excited about going that all of sudden the time to leave has arrived! And I'm never ready! Hahaha, one day I shall learn I suppose.
Farewell dear readers! I shall return in two weeks sunburnt and full of Egyptian tales!!

xoxoxo, jenn


...on the brink of something beautiful said...

so awesome! cant wait to see pictures and hear all about it!!! im jealous. :)
and awesome tattoo!!!!

Megan said...

have fun (and be safe)!!! even though you probably won't see this until you get back, i nominated you for the beautiful blogger award ( if you choose to accept :)

Jenn said...

Thank you for the compliment Kellie! I'm about to get my third tattoo when I get back from Egypt. And I promise to post pictures (I have nearly 600 taken so far, eek!)

And thank you sooo much Megan!! This made my day! I look forward to accepting my award when I get home. ;)