Monday, April 5, 2010

Artist Spotlight

Soooooo, I love music. LOVE it. NEED it. To work, to get ready, to drive around in the car, to dance obnoxiously in my room... but most definitely to work. It fills that void of silence, and unless I actually want to get something accomplished, movies and tv just aren't the same. In fact, I'm one of those easily distracted people who gets sucked into whatever is on the TV (be it a movie or cartoons directed to 3 year olds). So I choose music. And I enjoy a large spectrum of artists and styles. And since music is such a big part of my creative process, I've decided to share some of my favorite artists (or new artists that have recently caught my attention) here every Monday. Hopefully you might be able to discover a new artist that appeals to you, or even suggest some of your favorites to me. Either way, I think it will be fun!
This week I'd like to introduce INNERPARTYSYSTEM. I discovered this band last year after a friend played their album for me, and they quickly became one of my most played artists. They originated in Reading, Pennsylvania in 2002 and are classified as Electronic. They have a moody/brooding feel to them, so I generally play them when I'm feeling dark and twisty, or really deep in thought. My favorte songs include "New Poetry", "What We Will Never Know", "Way We Move", and "Heart of Fire".

Happy listening! jenn

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