Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's April!

This month is going to be so exciting! I'm so happy April has finally arrived. Allow me to break it down for you:
Today, April 1st, I registered for Elsie and Rachel's art journal class "Tell Your Story." It's a 6 week art journaling class, with prompts everyday, with a total of 42 prompts!! Yes, I am a geek and have done my math to figure out this number. Don't judge me.
Then, in 9 short days, I get to go to Egypt!! Yessssss! Not only am I going to Egypt, a dream come true in itself, but I'm going on a cruise as well. My very first cruise! I cannot even express how excited I am... before you ask, let me just say that I will not be seeing the pyramids. I know, I know- but the pyramids have been there for QUITE some time... I'm sure they'll still be standing if I go to Egypt a second time. And besides, there so many other cool things to see too!! There's so much history, and I feel so privileged that I get to witness it. Together with my mom and baby sister, we will fly to Luxor and set sail down the nile for a 7 day cruise. Following the cruise, we will then spend one week at the beach. Doesn't that sound amazing? Ooooooo, I can't wait!

As if that isn't enough excitment, 4 days after I return from Egypt, I will be getting my 3rd tattoo!! I'm a little bit more weary about this event, as it will not be sandy beaches, but painful needles. However, my dear friend says that I like pain- that's why I always hurt myself. So although I'll be sweating bullets, it's still going to be exciting. This also happens to be the same day that the art journal class starts. Busy, busy day!

I hope your April is just as amazing! How does the month look for you?

loves, jenn
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